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CEREC Dental Crown Reston VA

It’s important to take care of your teeth. All of them play an important role in speaking, chewing and smiling. When one tooth becomes damaged, prompt care is crucial so that it does not affect the other teeth.

There are several ways to fix a weakened tooth. One is with a CEREC® same-day dental crown. This method uses in-office technology to create a crown the same day. In fact, you can leave the dentist with a perfect smile in just a few hours.  A dental crown can protect a damaged tooth. You will be able to avoid an extraction and instead keep your natural tooth. To prepare a damaged tooth, the dentist will shape the tooth. They will then remove the decayed areas so the crown can be placed on top. 

Your dentist will use in-office technology to create a CEREC same-day crown. They will take measurements and create a crown to fit your tooth. The material used to create the crown will match your existing tooth color. The crown is then secured onto the tooth to protect it from further decay or damage. At Reston Modern Dentistry, we can create your dental crown in just hours at our practice. Your tooth will be fully restored so you can avoid more expensive procedures down the road.

CEREC Dental Crown Reston VA

CEREC Procedure

CEREC technology uses computer-aided designing and computer-aided manufacturing to create a crown quickly and easily. With CEREC technology, there is no need for a temporary crown. 

After preparing your tooth, your dentist will use a small intraoral camera to take 3D images of your tooth. No impression of your tooth is needed, unlike traditional crowns. 

Your dentist will precisely design a digital 3D image of your tooth and crown. The design will include indentations, pits, ridges and fissures dentist creates a crown that uniquely fits your tooth. Once the final design is ready, creating the crown takes just a few minutes. A milling machine carves a crown out of a ceramic block. The finished crown is then glued to your tooth.

Dental Bridge

Crowns can also be used with a dental bridge. This allows you to replace missing teeth by using existing teeth as support for a false tooth that will be put in the gap. Dental crowns strengthen the teeth on each side of the gap, with the false tooth placed in between them to fill in the gap. This helps prevent alignment issues while keeping your smile intact. 

Benefits of CEREC Technology

CEREC crowns offer many benefits such as the following:

  • Convenient. You can get a crown the same day, so there’s no need to get a temporary crown and then have to come back a few weeks later. You miss less time from work.
  • Prevents decay. They are healthier than temporary crowns, which can come loose and cause decay to form. 
  • Saves your teeth. They require less drilling and make your teeth stronger.
  • Boosts your self-esteem. They restore your functions immediately. They allow you to eat and chew better right away. You can talk and smile as normal without feeling self-conscious. 

Contact Us Today

Dental crowns can help save a damaged tooth and improve its appearance. Reston Modern Dentistry offers CEREC technology to create your crowns quickly. Learn more about this option to protect your teeth. Contact us at 703-860-9854 to schedule a consultation. We are here to answer your questions. We look forward to keeping your smile healthy.