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Best Dentist In Reston

Best Dentist In Reston | Everyone wants that dazzling Hollywood smile. But not everyone knows how to obtain it. A quick and effective solution is professional in office teeth whitening. This treatment is safe and can lighten teeth u to 8 shades.

Fortunately, our best dentist in Reston offers in-office teeth whitening! Learn more below and contact us today.

What makes in-office teeth whitening treatment superior to whitening at home?

You do have some options when it comes to teeth whitening. At-home products like trays, gels, toothpastes, and strips are easily available at your local drugstore and online. Moreover, some people have  limited success using these products. Reapplication is needed to maintain results.

In addition, at-home teeth whitening treatments can lead to sensitivity with teeth and gums. The professional treatment provided by your best dentist in Reston helps to ensure that your sensitive gums are protected from the whitening gel.

Also, you achieve better results.  Your best dentist in Reston has stronger whitening gel at their disposal. In other words, your teeth will be able to be whitened several shades lighter.

What should I expect from a professional teeth whitening treatment?

There are several different techniques available to help whiten your teeth in an office setting.

Teeth Bleaching

After consulting with your best dentist in Reston to learn of your treatment goals, a custom tray will be created. Next, you will be provided with instructions on in-office sessions.


Less expensive than other methods. Likewise, effects increase gradually and are less abrupt, making the treatment less noticeable to others.


Multiple office visits may be required, and it may take longer to achieve desired results.

Laser Bleaching

In short, a bleaching gel will be placed onto your teeth. Next, a laser will activate special crystals that help to brighten your tooth enamel. The length of your treatment depends upon the degree of discoloration and staining of your teeth.


Fastest technique for whitening teeth. Optimal results may only take one visit.


Costs more than other treatment options.

Zoom Whitening

In general, every session typically takes under one hour to complete. It starts with the application of a hydrogen peroxide gel onto your teeth. Your gums are protected so that they are not in contact with the gel.

  • This technique can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades
  • Results last up to 3 years.

Furthermore, this system helps patients with stubborn stains. It penetrates into tooth enamel to dramatically whiten them. Treatment can vary. Therefore, your best dentist in Reston will advise.

Contact Our Best Dentist In Reston

Overall, our best dentist in Reston offers teeth whitening solutions for every smile. Learn more with a consultation today! New patients are welcome! Call 703-860-9854 or request an appointment online. See you soon!