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Reston Dentist

Reston Dentist | You always seem to have more than one treatment choice when it comes to dental procedures. And that’s a good thing. But multiple types of treatments require decisions that will require some solid information to guide your choice.

When it comes to treatment choices to deal with tooth decay, it often comes down to two things: dental fillings or crowns. That’s why seeking a consultation from our Reston dentist is always recommended. Let’s take a look at each treatment, what is involved, and what choice is right for you.

Why would I need a dental filling or crown?

You have probably found yourself in this situation because you have experienced tooth decay. The oral bacteria found in your mouth can secrete acidic substances that damage the tooth enamel, which is the outer part of your tooth. When this happens, a hole can be formed that allows bacteria to enter and make their home.

Left untreated, the condition can worsen and become extremely painful. Eventually, it can lead to tooth loss and the need for a procedure like a root canal. Be sure to maintain your routine dental exams and cleanings with your Reston dentist to avoid this issue.

Dental fillings and crowns are the first line of defense in preventing further tooth decay.

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is a treatment used for replacing the tooth decay where a cavity has developed. Your Reston dentist would begin by removing this tooth decay, cleaning out the cavity, and placing a filling material to fill this cavity, or hole in your tooth. This prevents further tooth decay and strengthens the tooth structure.

Various materials can be used to create dental fillings; some are made from silver amalgam, gold, porcelain or composite resins. The type of material used to create your dental filling depends upon factors like the type of tooth involved, the amount of tooth damage, and other individual factors.

What is a crown?

Dental crowns are fixed dental restorations needed for restoring damaged teeth to their original shape and size. They are cemented permanently onto teeth with extensive decay, cracks, or other types of damaged teeth. Crowns normally replace the upper part of the tooth, so they are thought of as “crowns” for the teeth.

The dental crown procedure involves creating a mold of your tooth, which can be performed using a physical tray around your teeth, or digitally. Then a crown is created based upon this mold for fitting onto your tooth.

Some construction materials used for crowns include metal alloys, composite resin, ceramics, or a mixture of these.

Differences Between Fillings and Crowns

The main difference between the two is when they are used. Your dentist may recommend that you get a dental filling when you have a small cavity. Crowns are more suitable for patients who have severe tooth damage or cavities. They are also recommended for patients who have teeth with compromised structural integrity, since they are able to better prevent further damage.

In some cases, your tooth may have been so damaged that a dental filling cannot repair it. The new crown can be used in covering the complete visible portion of the tooth.

In addition to being more expensive than dental fillings, crowns are more durable.

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