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Dental Exams

The ongoing situation with COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of millions of Americans over the past few months. Many people have found that their normal routines have been dramatically altered, including those of dental patients. Although many patients have understandably put off elective dental treatments, it is not advisable to neglect or delay your regular dental exams and cleanings.

A dental exam or cleaning may not sound very exciting, but it can definitely help to prevent serious problems with your teeth and gums. Although a filling or root canal procedure may be more exciting than a mundane exam or cleaning, this is not the type of excitement that we are looking for!

Removing Plaque

One routine that you definitely don’t want to neglect is regular brushing and flossing at home. However, it is important to understand that this is not always enough to protect the health and appearance of your teeth and gums. Only a dental professional can remove plaque.

Plaque is a sticky film containing bacteria that adhere to the teeth. Over time, it can eat away at your tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay. This could further lead to the need for expensive dental work like dental fillings, root canals, and dental crowns. Tooth loss and gum disease are also possibilities.

Your dental hygienist can scrape away any plaque found on your teeth so that they are clean, smooth, and healthy.

reston dental exams appointment

Detecting Problems Early

A dental exam is normally performed as part of your dental cleaning appointment. This is when your dental hygienist will have an opportunity to examine your mouth and detect any problems in an early state, often before you are even aware of them yourself. Early detection and treatment of dental problems lead to better outcomes that avoid complicated and expensive dental work down the road.

Protecting Your Entire Mouth

Professional dental care not only helps your teeth, it helps to preserve the health of your gums and the soft tissues found within your mouth. Regular dental cleanings remove dangerous oral bacteria from your mouth to significantly lower the risk of developing gum disease, a serious infection involving periodontal tissue.

Schedule Your Appointment

Did you know that the American Dental Association advises that dental patients should undergo at least two dental cleanings every year? Although COVID-19 may have disrupted your life, there is no reason to put off your regular dental exams and cleanings. As routine and mundane as these appointments may sound, they are extremely important in safeguarding the health and appearance of your teeth.

Please do not neglect the oral health of yourself or your family. At Reston Modern Dentistry, we have heightened our safety measures as recommended by the ADA and CDC. Feel free to review our protocol here. Additionally, contact us with any questions and concerns.