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Reston Dentist

Reston Dentist | Dental cleanings are part of a recommended dental care plan. This preventive dental procedure protects your smile from decay, infection, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. Additionally, most patients are recommended to have a cleaning twice a year. Learn more about dental cleanings below. Have questions? Contact our Reston dentist today!

The Process

A dental exam

A dental hygienist or Reston dentist performs the teeth cleaning. First, a dental exam is completed to assure the teeth and gums do not have an issue that may need to be addressed beforehand. If all is well, the cleaning begins.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

This is the second step. In this phase of the process, the dental hygienist will use a small mirror and a scaler, to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gum line. Can you prevent plaque and tartar from building up without visiting the dental hygienist? Yes, you could. All you have to do is brush and floss regularly. But if you already have tartar, only the dental hygienist or Reston dentist can remove it.

Dental Polishing

Next, the dental hygienist will then move forward to the third step. He or she will clean your teeth using a high-powered brush. Professional cleanings often use toothpaste that’s pretty similar to the one you use back home. However, it has a gritty consistency meant to gently scrub the patient’s teeth. 


Lastly, the patient rinses their mouth. This removes debris and refreshes the mouth. Likewise, the Reston dentist or hygienist will offer advice on how to further protect your smile.

Fluoride Treatment

A fluoride treatment may be recommended to further protect your smile from decay.  In short, it is a varnish that is applied to teeth. Consequently, the teeth are protected for a few months. Not all patients are recommended for the treatment. However, preventing decay can also be done with good dental care.

Learn More

Overall, your smile is our priority. Allow us to maintain it with recommended treatments suited for your dental goals. Contact Reston Modern Dentistry to learn more about dental cleanings. Our Reston dentist offers a variety of services to assist patients of all ages. Ask about our preventive dental care procedures today. In addition, we offer a variety of pediatric, general, and cosmetic dental services.  In fact, our office is always accepting new patients. Call 703-860-9854 or book an appointment online. Likewise, you may visit our office at  11490 Commerce Park Dr. STE 110 Reston, VA 20191.