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Dentures Reston VA

Missing teeth or gaps in between the teeth often come with innumerable challenges, affecting your smile, speech, and eating habits. The reason for gaps in between the teeth can be a result of an accident, dental disease, or related condition. The wish for anyone with such an orthodontal problem I finding a quick and permanent solution to the gaps or missing teeth. Fixing the problem will help the affected regain their normal teeth function, ease discomfort, and aid in speech. In other words, patients regain their confidence and improve their quality of life.

Some of the most often used corrective procedures for missing teeth or gaps in between the teeth is by use of dental bridges and dentures. The two practices have been in use for years now, and many people confuse the two or do not know how to differentiate dental bridges from dentures. This feature highlights the main differences between the two dental procedures.

While there are significant differences between dental bridges and dentures, the decision in which procedure to choose depends on a few factors. The two procedures focus on tooth replacement, but their choice is dependence on your oral health, lifestyle, and your dentist’s opinion after assessment. Learn how both teeth replacement methods benefit patients below. Also, contact Reston Modern Dentistry to learn more.

Main Differences Between Dentures and Bridges

In as much as dental bridges and dentures focus on filling gaps in between teeth, the two procedures have distinct functions as indicated below.


Dentures are removable prosthetic dental devices used to replace missing teeth, usually fixed on adjacent orthodontal tissues within the oral cavity. The precision attachment to the oral cavity is by the use of a clasp. There are two types of dentures, complete and partial dentures whose purpose depends on whether the patient has a complete or partial set of missing teeth. 

In short, dentures are shaped and designed to resemble the natural teeth, perfectly blending in with the existing oral structures. Made out of durable and robust material, the dentures can withstand the pressures that come with chewing and biting down food. 

Dentures are recommended when some or all teeth are missing. Fortunately, dentures are very natural-looking thanks to modern technology. Likewise, they are even more comfortable and fit better than before. Dentures benefit patients by restoring their smile and helping them speak clearer and chew better. Also, patients with dentures remove their set before bedtime. They need to be brushed and soaked in clean water when not in use. These maintenance habits prevent bacteria build-up and warping.

Dental Bridges

Just like in the name, dental bridges fill the gap of missing teeth. To fix the dental bridge into place, the dentist will attach the bridge to both sides of the abutting teeth. The bridge, once in place, provides a natural-looking and healthy function of teeth. 

The dentist measures the area of the missing teeth or gap and molds a customized version of the teeth in the form of a dental bridge. The dental bridge comes in the shape, size, and color of the natural teeth.

Dental bridges are permanently attached to the oral tissues as they are secured with crowns fixed over abutting teeth or dental implants. 

Overall, the significant difference between dental bridges and dentures is that while you can remove dentures daily, the dental bridges are fixed permanently into place in the oral tissues.

Learn More

Replacing missing teeth is essential to avoid dental-related issues. Commonly, patients may experience tooth decay, periodontal disease, or unnatural teeth shifting. Prevent future dental issues and restore your smile by replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges and dentures are a great way to restore your smile. Each option offers different benefits and one may be your best choice.

Learn more by scheduling an exam and consultation with Reston Modern Dentistry. Our highly trained staff would be delighted to assist you and explain both options. New and existing patients may book an appointment online. Additionally, you may visit us at  11490 Commerce Park Dr. STE 110 Reston, VA 20191. Our practice accepts most major insurances. Those without insurance are also welcome. We offer quality dental care at affordable prices. Simply speak with our team to learn more. 

Remember, your smile is important and maintaining great dental health is vital. There are many treatments that help patients regain their smile and prevent issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Although brushing and flossing are important at-home care, routine exams and cleanings are highly recommended. You can learn more about your unique dental treatment plan by scheduling a consultation today. Reston Modern Dentistry is here to help you along your journey to great dental health. We look forward to meeting you soon!