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Dental Implants Reston VA

Many adults suffer from missing teeth. While some choose to not replace missing teeth, it is recommended to do so. Missing teeth are known to cause issues such as decay, periodontal disease, and teeth shifting. Thanks to advanced technology, we now have an array of solutions for missing teeth. Among the solutions available, three are most common, bridges, dentures and dental implants. For quite some time, bridges and dentures have been the most popular for teeth replacement. But now, the emergence of dental implants has improved the success rate of teeth replacement. In fact, dental implants are now the most preferred solution for tooth replacement.

Restoration of damaged and missing teeth has the potential of renewing and restoring back the stunning smile and confidence. Dental implants offer a lifelong solution to damaged and missing teeth. In addition, they are also aesthetically appealing since they resemble natural teeth. 

Here’s why patients opt for dental implants rather than other treatment plans.

Jaw Bone Preservation

When you choose to have a denture or bridge fitted, you choose to ignore the jaw bone. The jawbone, besides holding teeth into place needs to be stimulated during chewing. Bridge and dentures wearers merely put pressure on other teeth through chewing without any stimulation to the jawbone that is beneath

The lack of stimulation results in deterioration of the jawbone underneath the bridge or denture. Just like the tooth root, the dental implant is slotted into the jawbone. The insertion of the dental implant to the jawbone provides the necessary stimulation just like the natural teeth.

No Special Maintenance 

Dentures require special maintenance like brushing and flossing after eating and removing and soaking them at night. Dental implants, on the other hand, only require the same level of maintenance as natural teeth. 

Permanent Solution

Implants are a permanent solution. Once the implant is attached to the jawbone, it remains steady in position and holds firmly.

Comfortable Eating

Implants offer patients the confidence of eating all types of food. Because they are permanently fixed, implants withstand normal eating and drinking. Patients do not need to worry about their false tooth slipping or falling out.

Learn More

Overall, implants offer a variety of benefits. It is important to maintain good dental hygiene to avoid peri-implantitis, an implant version of periodontal disease. For this reason, learning more about your tooth replacement options is essential. Schedule an exam and consultation to learn more about dental implants. New and existing patients may all 703-860-9854 or schedule an appointment online. Our office is conveniently located at 11490 Commerce Park Dr. STE 110 Reston, VA 2019. Most dental insurances are accepted. Additionally, our team would be delighted to explain your treatment options and insurance coverage. Book today! We look forward to meeting you.